Nankunshen Temple


Main Door Couplet

The Yu-Chi Stele

Statues of the Five Lords

Inspection Orders of the Five Lords

Stone Censer of the Five Lords

The Kaishan Tablet

Wood Carved Couplets, Ching Shan Temple

The‘Spirits Watch Over the Eastern Seas’Marquee Board

The‘Light Embraces All Four Directions’ Marquee

The ‘Spider Making its Web’ Pavilion

Octagonal Dragon Pillars

‘Pray for Joy and Happiness’

Scenes of Bamboo by Cheng Hsieh

Twin Dragons Gaze Upon the‘Three Stars’– Cut Tile Mosaic

‘Abandoned Lions’ Cut Tile Mosaic

Traditional ‘Palanquin-Style’ Roof Eaves

The Money Wall

Painted Door Gods

Long Hou (Dragon Throat) Well

Bronze Drums



Main Door Couplet

Main Door Couplet

When the Five Lords arrived to make their first inspection tour of Jiayi in 1820, the County Magistrate sent men to block the procession’s path. Both sides incensed, neither was willing to give way to the other. It was at this point that Lord Lifu, through the mouth of an illiterate farmer, informed the official that he was obstructing heavenly righteousness and that persistence would only magnify his arrogance. The farmer then proceeded to write in the dirt with a hoe: ‘Heaven’s Terrestrial Inspectors manage the Yin and the Yang. We look to move the good and change the wicked; to augment the true and extinguish ill-fortune.’ The peasant, then demanded the magistrate provide an appropriately literate response – which he, stunned, proved unable to do. The farmer then continued:
      ’Our inspection tour discerns black from white. Disasters are averted by neither paper offerings nor burning money; not either by ritual sacrifice.
     The magistrate, thus humbled, stepped down from his palanquin and begged forgiveness.
     Much later, Lord Lifu’s reprimand to the magistrate was redrafted by Tainan scholar Luo Hsiu-hui as a couplet. The couplet was rendered on stone pillars in characters rendered personally by Yao Pin of Hubei Province. The pillars are now displayed prominently near the temple’s main doors.

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