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Annual Celebration Calendar

Annual Celebration Calendar

Nankunshen Daitian, while dedicated principally to the worship of the Five Lords, also pays homage to other gods. The names and celebratory dates of all gods currently represented at the temple are listed below (note: dates follow the traditional lunar calendar):

His Highness Lifu (Great Lord)
April 26th
His Highness Chifu (2nd Lord)
June 18th
His Highness Wufu (3rd Lord)
September 15th
His Highness Zhufu (4th Lord)
August 15th
His Highness Fanfu (5th Lord)
April 27th
The Yuhuang God (Jade Emperor)
January 9th
Bodhisattva Guanyin
June 19th
WWan Shan Ye (Gin-a-Gong) Prince of Lost Souls
August 24th
Zhong Junfu (Messenger God)
August 18th
Cheng Huang Ye (City God)
May 13th
General Hu (Tiger General)
June 6th
Dicang (God of the Underworld)
July 29th
Zhusheng Niang Niang (Goddess of Fertility)
March 20th
Fu De (Earth God)
August 15th


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