Nankunshen Temple


Main Temple Gateway

‘Dragon & Phoenix Cup the Winds’

Enjoying Sunset from Qingcheng Terrace

‘Wan Shan Enjoying the Flute’

‘Dragon & Tiger in Attendance’

‘Dragon Hunt in Kun Garden’

Watching Carp from Haishan Pavilion

Watching Stream Waters from atop Tiger Rise

Reliving History at Kanglang






Main Temple Gateway

Main Temple Gateway

Arriving at Nankunshen Daitian Temple, your first sight will be of the temple’s Jitian Dashan Gate, erected in 1983. It is the ‘front door’ of Nankunshen and the largest wooden five-gated arch in East Asia. Its roof is covered in glazed tiles, with the entire structure conveying a traditional yet exceptionally unique feel. On its front is a placard with the name Nankunshen Daitian Temple written in the personal hand of former ROC President Lee Teng-hui. In the rear is a placard pronouncing the, “Spiritual Mountain of Pengying”, written in the personal hand of former ROC President Yen Chia-kan. From this gate, visitors can get a sweeping perspective of Taiwan’s most extensive temple complex and one of its most important centers of traditional worship.

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